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Fire Doors

Health and safety must be at the forefront of all projects and developments to ensure we safeguard the public and adhere to guidelines and regulations. As part all our legal obligations, we must adhere to new regulations which have been updated since  the Fire regulations (Fire Safety) Order of 2005 and as of January 2023, it is now a legal requirement to have quarterly checks on all fire doors, including self- closing devices in the communal areas of the building for structures over 11m in height. 


Our Services include:  

  • Fire Door Inspections & Report
  • Fire Door Installation
  • Fire Door Maintenance
  • Fire Door Repairs  
Fire Door Testing

Fire Door Inspections & Reporting

Furthermore, it stipulates that all doors must be self-closing and give an FD30S level of fire and smoke resistance. This means that it must be able to withstand a minimum of 30 minutes exposure to a fire. All residents in multi occupied buildings with two or more sets of domestic premisses that have common parts must be given information on the importance of fire safety. If regulations aren’t met or fall below the standard required penalty fines can be issued. 


All door inspections will include that all fire doors on site are assessed to whether they are safe, compliant and effective in protecting occupants and assets against fires, smoke and flames. We will provide you with photos, a consolidated report and recommendations for essential repairs in order to meet current guidelines and standards. This service will give you the confidence that health and safety building regulations are met and the reassurance that in the event of a fire the safest practise is in place. All inspections and reports are conducted by a certified fire inspector.

Fire Door Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

Whilst we can provide the inspections for the fire doors, we also have the capabilities of suppling, fitting and repairing fire doors that are compliant in regulations which provides ease to you as all fire door capabilities can be dealt with solely through Sixty-Four Consultancy. Ultimately poorly fitted fire doors can leave a disastrous effect on the property and endanger those lives in the building, therefore it is imperative that fire doors are compliant and fitted correctly. Costs of this service vary depending on extent of service required, contact Sixty-Four Consultancy for more details.  


Various ongoing options are available, please contact us for information.  

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