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About Sixty Four Consultancy

Sixty-Four Consultancy was founded in 2022 by the Managing Director, Chris Gladding, after a longstanding successful career as a Contracts Director at a leading firm in London. With over 35 years of experience managing and delivering a range of projects up to £4million, in Central London and across the country. Chris set up the consultancy following his relocation to the beautiful coastline of South Devon.  



Sixty-Four Consultancy specialise in commercial and residential building consultancy and bring a of wealth of experience in construction, refurbishment and project management together to offer a curated service to clients across the South-West. Our role will be to support, assist and oversee.


Chris Gladding

Managing Director

I am pleased to introduce Sixty-Four Consultancy, a culmination of 38 years of dedicated service in the construction industry. Having recently relocated to the southwest, I bring a wealth of experience covering diverse aspects of the trade – from commercial, office, and warehouse projects to refurbishments, residential blocks, and heritage sites, with project values ranging from £25,000 to £4 million.

Throughout my extensive career, I have maintained a steadfast commitment to delivering projects with precision and timeliness, always placing the client’s interests at the forefront. Over the past two decades, I have owned my own business for 20 years, presided over Grovestable for 5 years, and served as the director of Redwood Contractors for the last 13 years.



Caroline has an extensive background in overseeing construction projects and dealing with clients and sub-contractors on a daily basis. Maintaining a professional attitude throughout Caroline provides the reassurance and support to ensure the clients interest are at the heart of the business.


Site Manager

Christopher has a BSc Building Surveying and the Built Environment. He is an asset to Sixty-Four Consultancy, bringing years of experience across the UK and overseas. Christopher has worked on a variety of projects within the construction industry, specialising in commercial projects ranging in contract value of £50k – £2million. Christopher is an independent and reliable individual who understands all aspects of project management and the importance of completing projects on time, budget and quality.


General Manager

Rosie demonstrates a broad background in leadership, team-management, and organisation. Having worked on multiple projects she has a strong work ethic in delivering contractual reports, conducting site inspections, and ensuring all policies and procedures are adhered to onsite.


Office Administrator

Sandra is a valuable strength to the team, brining 20 years of experience in administration and financial support. Sandra manages the day-to-day administration tasks within the office, providing vital support directly to the Directors whilst also assisting other members of the team to maintain the smooth running of the business.

For exceptional project management & building consultancy…

For exceptional project management & building consultancy…