Within Sixty-Four Construction we can provide services in both commercial and residential construction with builds being tailored to the client’s interest and needs covering all aspects of the build.


We offer the following construction services: Refurbishments & Fit-Out, Demolition Works and Roofing Works. With a range of qualified, experienced, and reliable tradesman we will ensure that at every stage of the build is managed safely and delivered to the highest quality.

Refurbishments & Fit-Out (CAT A & CAT B)

Sixty-Four pride ourselves with commercial and residential refurbishments. Whether it is a CAT A or CAT B Office, Warehouse refurbishment or Historic Building. Sixty-Four are able to provide detailed tenders and costing including value engineering and cost saving options. Sixty-Four are able to undertake a variety of projects from minor house remedial works to larger multi-storey commercial fit-outs. Sixty-Four have a wealth of experience and reliable trades to ensure all projects are managed safely and effectively to deliver projects on time, budget and the highest quality.

Demolition Works


Sixty-Four are able to conduct various demolition works including ground works and waste removal. Demolition works is a crucial part of the construction industry and one of the largest contributors to waste. At Sixty-Four we aim to minimise waste and lower our carbon footprint wherever possible. All demolition works is conducted by licensed professional and recycled, reused and disposed of in the most sustainable way.

Roofing Works

If your considering upgrading roof coating, insulation to ensure compliance. Sixty-Four offer a variety of roofing systems including:


  • Single Ply Membrane
  • Traditional Roofing inc. Tiles, Slates
  • Metal Roofing


All roofing systems include warranties and guarantees subject to scope of works

Fire Door Safety

Fire Door Installation, Maintenance & Repairs

Health and Safety forms the pinnacle of everything that we do, therefore it is important that whilst you maintain H&S standards in the everyday workplace it is even more important to adhere to the legal requirements of Fire Door Regulations when conducting repairs, inspections, and installations. At Sixty-Four we pride ourselves with the highest standards and have the knowledge and experience to help you stay up to date with recent Fire Regulations under the Fire Safety Order of 2005. As certified inspectors we are able to produce Fire door compliance reports as well as installation.

For exceptional project management & building consultancy…

For exceptional project management & building consultancy…